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  1. Pioneer of Sexual Medicine in India; one of the country’s leading Sexologists.
  2. Vast experience in treating all types of sexual problems; 10,000+ cases till date.
  3. First in India to graduate from the prestigious Oxford’s European School for Sexual Medicine.
  4. Internal medicine specialist (General Physician) with degrees in Diabetology & Infectious Diseases too.
  5. Adopts multidisciplinary treatment approach; treats depression and mental health conditions too.
  6. Deeply involved with scientific study; up-to-date with latest developments in sexual medicine.
  7. Benefits patients with the best and most advanced treatments available across the world.
  8. Empathetic, caring approach; ensures patients have sufficient time to speak and be fully heard.
  9. Gives patients, a clear and easy-to-understand explanation of their condition and treatment.
  10. 100% confidential consultation; easy, convenient consultation sessions; no reports to carry.