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Sexual medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine that deals with overall sexual health of men and women and issues they face in their sexual life due to the varied array of underlying conditions.

Sexual medicine does not have its own defined boundaries, it relies upon the knowledge of various other specialties.

There are two areas of concern that sexual medicine deals with:
  • Disorders of the sexual organs: These disorders might be congenital, acquired or caused due to trauma or accidents.
  • Disorders of the psyche affecting people’s sexuality and sexual life: These are the psychological disorders, poor interpersonal relationships, traumatic past or present that affects the people’s sexual functioning from inside out.
The are 4 dimensions to the approach of sexual medicine:
  • The promotional dimension that looks into creating awareness and helping individuals have a healthy sexual life
  • The preventive dimension that looks into counseling for psychological causes and conditions
  • The curative dimension that looks into the clinical treatment of sexual disorders
  • The rehabilitative dimension which helps people regain sexual health

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine, also known as general medicine, plays a very important role in moulding the approach of sexual medicine. General medicine deals with preventing, diagnosing and treating all kinds of adult diseases, which means that general physicians hold knowledge of everything including,

  • Psychology
  • Cardiology
  • Diabetology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Endocrinology
  • Urology
  • Gynecology
  • Andrology and many more.

All of these specialties, in one way or the other are related to and can contribute in treating a the root cause of the sexual disorder. A general medicine practitioner will be able to diagnose and treat the accurate cause of the sexual disorder because of the vast knowledge that he/she holds of the human anatomy. Not every case of sexual dysfunction is congenital or caused by a damaged reproductive organ, there are many underlying causes that can lead to sexual dysfunctioning both in men and women.

Psychological disorders account for a great deal of sexual disorders and dysfunctions, so do uncontrolled diabetes and cardiac diseases. And identifying the root cause of the condition is the crux of it.

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