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Sexual medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine that deals with overall sexual health of men and women and issues they face in their sexual life due to various underlying conditions. Sexual medicine does not have its own defined boundaries, it depends of various other specialties. Sexual medicine involves multiple specialities including Gynaecology, Urology, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases, Psychology,  Psychiatry and Dermatology.

Sexual Medicine as an academic speciality is a new, emerging field in medicine and is not available in India. Dr. Madhavaram Srinivas is the first Indian practitioner, and one amongst just three in the whole of India to have graduated from the prestigious Oxford’s European School for Sexual Medicine under the aegis of European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM).

There are two areas of concern that sexual medicine deals with:
  • Disorders of the sexual organs: These disorders might be congenital, acquired or caused due to trauma or accidents, causing Harmonal Imabalances
  • Disorders of the psyche affecting people’s sexuality and sexual life: These are the psychological disorders, poor interpersonal relationships, traumatic past or present that affects the people’s sexual functioning.
The are 4 dimensions ( Multi Disciplinary Approach )  to the approach of sexual medicine:
  • The promotional dimension that looks into creating awareness and helping individuals have a healthy sexual life.
  • The preventive dimension that looks into counseling for psychological causes and conditions.
  • The curative dimension that looks into the clinical treatment or evaluation of sexual disorders.
  • The rehabilitative dimension which helps people regain sexual health.