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You can find yourself in an extremely awkward situation when you’re among people, in a meeting or in a social set up and not being able to concentrate on what’s happening around because of what is happening within you.

Being clouded with sexual thoughts and getting aroused at any given point for any amount of time, for no obvious reason without any stimulation, can be very disturbing and distressful.

While you might be worried and wondering if it is normal or not; it is not, for a fact, which is why you have made your way through the searches to this webpage.

The condition in which you get aroused without stimulation for minutes and hours together, finding it difficult to concentrate or behave normal among people, is called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD), also known as sexual arousal disorder.

The symptoms of PGAD in women cause feelings of arousal in the genital area, swelling of the clitoris, vagina, vaginal lips, as well as other parts of your body, including the nipples.

Other common symptoms can include,
  • red or flushed face and neck
  • abnormally high heart rate
  • shallow, rapid breathing
  • muscle spasms throughout the body
  • pain in the genital area, especially the clitoris

There are not any known causes and diagnosing the exact cause of PGAD can be very difficult but one of them could be pinching or compression of a nerve called the pudendal nerve that helps in feeling sensations around the genitals. It is likely for people suffering from a mental disorder like depression or anxiety disorder or even OCD, to suffer from PGAD alongside.

Dr Srinivas Madhavaram is a known sexologist and one of the best in his field of specialty in hyderabad, who can help you diagnose and treat the condition. If you experience these symptoms, it is advisable for you to not delay consultation due to fear of embarrassment or judgement and see a doctor at the earliest. There are treatments that include counselling, therapies and application medication for the condition that can help in overcoming it.