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Many men suffer from the problem of a painful ejaculation. This, however, is a common symptom, yet, when it becomes persistent, it could point towards an underlying problem, such as the swelling of the prostate. On the other hand, there is the mental aspect, not only with a pain ejaculation problem but with most sexual health-related issues. About 1-10% of men suffer from this symptom. On the other hand, there is another condition known as prostatitis, and around 30-75% of men suffering from it will experience painful ejaculation. Often has been the case that persistent painful ejaculation undermines the self-confidence of the man suffering from it, also makes one of life’s pleasures (sex) a more frustrating, painful, dreaded experience. Then it could also affect personal relationships with your partner to a great extent.

Symptoms of painful ejaculation
  • Experiencing pain during or immediately after ejaculation.
  • Peins, Bladder or rectum and nearby areas experience pain
  • Pain while urinating immediately after ejaculation
  • Pain that lasts for a few minutes to about 24-hours after ejaculation, with mild to intense variations.
Causes and treatments

There are many reasons why a man could have painful ejaculations. It is highly possible due to a medical condition. When doctors are unable to find a reasonable cause for the condition, men are advised to go through psychotherapy, which will help manage the situation.

Other reasons could be prostate disorders, for instance, Prostatitis. In this condition, men have swelling and inflammation of the prostate, which is often due to an infection in the area. This could also be the reason due to urinary tract infection or nerve damage which ultimately causes severe damage to the prostate.

Diabetes is also a known cause of nerve damage, causing prostatitis. Then another condition called the prostatic hyperplasia, causing prostate enlargement also affects ejaculation, usually causing pain. Finally, the patient who has other prostate problems including surgery and prostate cancer can also experience painful ejaculation.


Dr Madhavaram, before treating the problem of painful ejaculation, will ensure every detail is on hand. A diagnosis of the problem using understanding the problem, through various medical examinations. Dr Madhavaram will also look to asses prostatitis, BPH and any injuries that might be the cause. To determine prostate specific antigen a blood work test will also be conducted, which could evaluate any prostate-related condition or even prostate cancer.

Treatments options include –

  • Antibiotics
  • Switching medications
  • Surgery (if cancer is found or any other prostate problems)
  • Psychotherapy and lifestyle changes.

There are many other ways as well for treating the problems arising with a painful ejaculation; however, any treatments will be determined by the cause of the problem during diagnosis.