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There are many males, who over the course of their lives might face a sexual disorder of some kind. Erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, limited testosterone levels are all problems that a man could face over the course of time. However, these are problems that do not have a physical resemblance of any kind, although there are many problems related to the penis, which will have an exterior effect on the person’s body.

Here, we are exploring a specific sexual disorder in males, known as micropenis. A man suffering from a micropenis problem will usually have a small sized penis which is less than two standard deviations smaller than the normal human penis size. This site is in both stretched length of the penis from the pubic bone to the glans, in girth or circumference. The term micropenis is used when doctors determine that the scrotum and perineum be without any ambiguity. There are also hormonal abnormalities attributed as the cause of this problem, including that of low testosterone levels in the body among other grave conditions of hormonal imbalance. Then there is also the growth hormone deficiency that could be the case of the micropenis.

Causes of micropenis
  • Growth hormone deficiency
  • Structural anomaly
  • Testicular disorder
  • Generic syndrome
  • Abnormal Hypothalamic / pituitary function
Diagnosis and treatments

Micropenis due to hormonal imbalances or hormonal problems could be identified during infancy. The treatments include human chorionic gonadotropin injections or testosterone injections. On the other hand, doctors will also recommend a testosterone replacement therapy. This treatment usually consists of intramuscular injections, with testosterone the main ingredient.

The treatments are designed to induce small penile growth, which in turn will stimulate the extension of the penis. There have been many cases where the procedures have resulted in a normal size penis; however, alternatively, there could be minimal or no improvements at all.

With the hormonal treatments the first line of treatments and highly preferred by doctors. However, in the case that the patient stops responding to these treatments or if it proved ineffective, then surgery becomes an option in adults. Doctors will be able to use implants, which enhance the length and girth of the penis.

Micropenis as a condition renders the person suffering from it in a bad mental state. Depression is often the result as well as a lack of confidence and other psychological issues that are set to follow. Consult a doctor to treat the conditions and get immediate treatment before it’s probably too late for one.