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Urinary tract infections are very common in women, caused due to bacteria or fungi in the female urinary tract which consists of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra.

The upper tract consists of ureters and the kidneys and the lower tract consists of the bladder and the urethra, the infection generally develops in the lower tract, which is termed as lower urinary tract infection.
Lower urinary tract infections can cause a lot of discomfort and pain, they can also affect your intimacy with your partner due to the pain.

Lower urinary tract infection symptoms are:

  • Burning during urination
  • Increased frequency of urination without passing much urine
  • Increased urgency of urination
  • Blood in the urine
  • Cloudy urine
  • Strong odoured urine
  • Pelvic pain

Lower urinary tract infection can be diagnosed by taking a urine test and identifying prominent symptoms by a a specialist. Lower urinary tract infection treatments include antibiotics and a lot of hydration to clean the tract. If you see prominent symptoms mentioned above and are wondering if you are suffering from lower urinary tract infection, it is recommended you see a doctor and get it treated, because if left untreated it can cause a lot trouble and chances of developing in the upper tract which is a more severe condition.

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