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Many men face physical problems with their penis, which effectively restricts sexual activities altogether. Like another problem known as micropenis, here we look at a buried or hidden penis problem. A concealed or hidden penis is defined as the penis which does not extend out of the person’s body, despite there being an opening which usually lets the penis hang. A buried or hidden penis can have a profound effect on the person’s mental state. In most cases patients are unable to perform sexual activities, on the other hand, many of them suffer from growing depression and awkward anti-socialising aspects of themselves. The misery of this kind can have other more gruelling effects in the long run.

Causes of a buried/Hidden penis

There are many other situations which probably would have gone wrong to cause the disorder. For instance, a circumcision gone wrong is cited as a possible reason, and as the boy gets to an older age, the scar tissue, when excessive amounts of the foreskin are lost, the scar tissue tends to get tighter, which then causes the skin to pull together and cover the openings excessively. This could also be the case men who are circumcised as adults.

One of the most significant known cause is obesity. In a non-obese person or generally in any male two-thirds of the erection chambers are outside the body and the remaining one-third inside. When a person suffers from obesity. This percentage shifts with more of the shaft shifting inside, thus resulting in the shaft being buried.

On the other hand, there are many medical conditions or treatments the person might have gone through like radical prostatectomy, which tends to make the penis lose about an inch of its size, however despite that causing a much smaller sized penis than before could well be treated.

Complications of a buried penis
First and foremost, the person who has a buried/hidden penis tends to urinate in a sitting position. Then the most important complication is the person cannot have penetrative sex, which can lead to problems with relationships as well as mentally for the person.

Then there are more chances of frequent infections or chronic inflammation which in the future can lead to penile cancer. Then there are many other associated complications which Dr Srinivas Madhavaram could be able to tell the patient basis of the diagnosis.


The most obvious or instead the first line of treatment recommended by Dr Srinivas Madhavaram to patients suffering from this problem is to start losing weight. While there are no medications that could treat a buried/hidden penis, surgery becomes the only other, viable option.

In a surgery, men will have their fatty tissue removed, through liposuction as well as procedures to eliminate excessive skin around the pubic bone.

There are many other methods of surgically solving the problem, but that again depends on the diagnosis and the kind of other issues the patient might be facing that has resulted in a buried/hidden penis.