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Soft Glans / Cold Glans / Glans Insufficiency Syndrome

For a man, sex defines his masculinity. Obviously, if there’s something that’s preventing him from being his best, it’s going to bother him not just physically, but mentally also. Under this mental duress, men often seclude themselves, refusing to share this problem with anybody.

Dr Srinivas, one of the best sexologists in Hyderabad, encourages men to open up about the sexual health problems with qualified professionals, because getting help is much better than getting frustrated, because help can solve your issues, while frustration will just pile them up.

Sexuality-related problems are many, preventing couples from having a healthy sex life. One such problem is the soft glans syndrome, medically also known as Cold Glans or Glans insufficiency syndrome. It is a syndrome that causes a sexual arousal disorder in men. The penis has two chambers: Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Cavernosium. Soft Glans is when the Corpora Cavernosa is fully erect, but the corpus cavernosium and the glans penis remain soft and cold. This effectively results in affecting the appearance of the erect penis and the ability to achieve penetration during sexual activity.

The actual cause of the condition, which is also referred to as venous leaks, is mostly unknown, although doctors and researchers categorise it as erectile dysfunction, The most significant trouble with Soft glans is the inactive mode it puts a person sexually. The outcome is not having an active sex life as well as much is psychological. Many people have this existing problem, which they are facing due to the soft glans, and endure much time on the periphery of sexual activity. The psychological outcomes could restrict one from having sex as well as lose confidence over time, as their efforts and desire to have sexual intercourse regularly is shattered.

It could further lead to depression, an inability to enjoy an active social life as well as garner confidence with the opposite sex and start planning a family in many cases.

Basically, this condition does not help the penis achieve its right firmness despite the arousal and erection, which in turn makes them unable to have sexual intercourse.

Conditions associated with soft glans syndrome
  • Neurologic injury
  • Post urethroplasty
  • Atherosclerotic vascular disease
  • Blunt perineal trauma
  • Glans shunt surgery for priapism
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • penile implant surgery
What causes Soft glans syndrome?

During a normal erection, the blood flow is at an increased level in the two erection chambers, the corpora cavernosa & the corpus spongiosum and penile glans. During a normal erection, the cavernosal tissue of the penis provides high resistance to venous blood flow, which ensures the blood is trapped inside the spongy chambers of the penis, all of which are essential to have a lasting, adequate time of erection, primarily for sexual activity. In the case of soft glans syndrome, there is an apparent leak in the cavernosal tissue of the penis, which does not help in trapping the blood, thus causing the problems that it does.

The above cause is by far the main problems that cause soft glans; however, there are many other reasons which could be revealed during a diagnosis.


Soft glans syndrome has three types of procedures associated with it. Mechanical, medication or surgical. In the mechanical ways, the doctor will be able to place mechanical rings at the base of the penis as well as using a method known as vacuum therapy which also makes use of these rings.

Medication is provided by the doctor if the concern is not very much severe and could be solved over time without any mechanical or surgical methods being used. Doctors will use medications like Viagra, Levitra or Cialis to solve this problem through medications.

In the surgical method, the doctor will be able to perform surgery on the ligate veins and close iatrogenic shunts, all of which add to the problem of soft glans.

In general, the problem of soft glan, despite being an individual one, could affect many people around the sufferer. They too can have connected psychological issues as the patient might have. It positively affects regular sexual activity and could cause many underlying mental health problems, as well as a lack of healthy living.