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Delayed ejaculation is an issue some men face while having sex. Ejaculation is supposed to give people the feeling of pleasure, which, in the case of delayed ejaculation, doesn’t really happen. When men experience a certain delay ejaculating while in between their sexual activity, it’s medically termed as delayed ejaculation. This becomes a troublesome issue, especially when the problem is a persistent one.

What causes a delayed ejaculation?

Some of the most common reasons in many sexual related problems come in the form of excessive use of alcohol, testosterone deficiency including muscle weakness, decreased feelings in their genitals. Diabetes and intake of numerous medications (sometimes in excess) are also subjected to be the cause of this problem.
On the other hand, ageing is also a common problem with delayed ejaculation. There could be other reasons as well, that could be part of the reason why some men can have a delayed ejaculation problem.

Diagnosis and treatment

In many cases, the history of the patient is significant to determine the exact cause of the problem. While the diagnostic results come to reveal a diminished penile sensation as well as low testosterone levels, there could also be the case of thyroid disorders, as well as that of some neurological issue. Another important part of Dr Madhavaram’s diagnostic measures are sets of questions that are essential to understand the patient further and reach the cause of the problem in them.

As for treatments, Dr Madhavaram, uses several methods and strategies after understanding the diagnostic results and its causes. So the best possible way of treating a delayed ejaculation is to manage its symptoms, namely to maintain an erection, especially until orgasm is achieved. Testosterone administration is not possible when the patient might have prostate cancer or any other potent disease to prostatitis.

Some drugs help in facilitating ejaculation, but its use depends on the cause of the individual’s problem.

There are many other ways to treat delayed ejaculation problems, although a visit to Dr Madhavaram would be the most appropriate thing to do and find a viable solution.

Dr Madhavaram specialises in treating sexual problems in men in a specific way. His experience in sexual medicine, as well as expertise in internal medicine, helps in providing the most appropriate and functional solutions for many of the sexual problems men face today.