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Sexual health is important to lead a balanced life. Unfortunately, 60% of the population suffer from various sexual problems. While many are ill at ease and hesitant to approach a doctor, there are scores of fake doctors, out to exploit vulnerable patients. These quacks operate without any medical qualifications, often misdiagnose conditions, and prescribe the wrong drugs, leading to fatal complications for patients. It is important to consult an experienced and trusted doctor qualified in sexual medicine; a specialized field of study that is not available in the country. India has just a handful of specialists trained abroad and Dr. Srinivas Madhavaram is the foremost practitioner, having treated over 10,000 patients till date.

A pioneer in the field of Sexual Medicine in India

Sexual Medicine as an academic speciality is a new, emerging field in medicine and is not available in India. Dr. Madhavaram Srinivas is the first Indian practitioner, and one amongst just three in the whole of India to have graduated from the prestigious Oxford’s European School for Sexual Medicine under the aegis of European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM). After specializing in sexual medicine from this premier institution, he returned to India and built a thriving practice. Dr. Srinivas is India’s leading Sexologists with rich experience in treating all types of sexual problems.

Sexual medicine involves multiple specialities including Gynaecology, Urology, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Psychology, and Dermatology. Only practitioners like Doctor Srinivas with knowledge in all these specialties can deal with sexual medicine effectively. In addition to Sexual Medicine and General Medicine, Dr. Srinivas also has degrees in Diabetology and Infectious Diseases. He completed his fellowship in infectious diseases, a very rare speciality in India, from Apollo Hospitals. As an Internal Medicine specialist (General Physician), he is oriented towards and works as a visiting professor in Internal Medicine.

An alumnus of the world’s leading scientific society for Sexual Medicine

Dr. Madhavaram Srinivas is a prominent alumnus of the internationally renowned Oxford’s European School for Sexual Medicine under the aegis of European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM). Oxford is home to the finest doctors and the college faculty is handpicked from 26 countries across Europe. The institution offers access to the best scientific papers and is deeply rooted across Europe and the world with over 34 affiliated societies and 1,700+ members.

As the leading Scientific Society engaged in advanced education and science in Sexual Medicine, the college attracts students from all over the world. With limited seats, applications are rigorously scrutinized and filtered with a keen eye on credentials; the college accepts only 40 participants across the globe and trains them every year. Dr. Srinivas was the only physician from India to enjoy this privilege in 2017.

By completing basic course in sexual medicine and consecutively got selected to 1 st batch of advance course in sexual medicine in 2019 where 20 students across world are hand picked and trained.

Ensuring new and improved ways to treat, heal, and cure.

Medicine is an evolving field and requires doctors to stay on top of the latest medical news, trends, and technology. As a passionate medical practitioner and lifelong learner, Doctor Srinivas is keen on benefiting his patients with the best and most advanced treatments available. He is deeply involved with scientific study, always interacting with medical specialists who are making significant contributions to the field. While he practices in Hyderabad, he is constantly on the move, attending important medical events, thus ensuring that he is always abreast with latest advancement in sexual medicine.

Dr. Srinivas is amongst the select few in his area of specialization who enjoys membership with leading national and international medical societies and scientific bodies. He regularly attends medical seminars, conferences, and workshops across the globe including sessions at his alma mater – “Oxford’s The European School for Sexual Medicine”. His participation at these events allows him to stay updated on medical advancements and provide better treatment for patients at his popular clinic in Hyderabad.

Empathetic, caring approach to patients

Doctor’s approach to treating his patients is multidisciplinary, which helps diagnose conditions correctly. Dr. Srinivas combines expert knowledge with rich experience, compassion, courtesy, and a warm demeanour to work his magic on patients. He is empathetic to his patient’s needs. His generous consultation time and caring approach helps build a rapport and gives patients the confidence that they are in safe hands, relieving much of the anxiety/stress that in many cases aggravates medical conditions. 

Patient-centred consultation process

Doctor Srinivas begins his consultation process with a preliminary 5-minute assessment session during which he understands/reviews on a case-to-case basis, the patient’s medical history, sexual development, and sexual orientation and deviation (if any). He then gives the patient atleast 20-25 minutes uninterrupted time to speak freely and ensures that they have his complete attention.

Before the prescription/counselling stage, he makes sure that the patient has been completely heard, gently enquiring if there’s anything else to say; this infuses confidence and helps shed inhibitions, if any. Doctor Srinivas knows that the more, patients are encouraged to talk, the better they feel. He listens patiently and builds trust with them. This active listening approach is central to the successful treatment outcomes at his clinics. Finally, Doctor Srinivas gives patients, a clear explanation of their condition and treatment in a way that is easily understood.

Doctor Srinivas affords patients the benefit of early morning consultation sessions and the assurance of 100% private and confidential consultation. What’s more patients need not carry any reports, making it easier and convenient for them.

Appointments with Doctor Srinivas

Doctor Srinivas receives scores of patients everyday from all over India and other parts of the globe at his popular clinic in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. As one of the few practicing specialists of his kind in India, appointments with Dr. Srinivas entail long waiting times even as he strives to manage as many consultations as possible each day. Outstation patients are advised to ensure prior appointment and scheduling so they can afford prompt consultation and leave on time from the clinic.

The clinic is attached to a state-of-the-art laboratory certified by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories). NABL is a Government of India institution authorised to assess the quality and technical competence of testing and calibration laboratories. This is the highest standard for lab certification in India.

Doctor has treated close to 10,000 patients to date and is a highly respected specialist in sexual medicine, attracting patients from all states in India and countries across Europe, Asia, Middle East, and African regions. While it may take up a while for some patients to visit Doctor Srinivas, the long waiting period is not a problem as it a life-changing, taboo-breaking miracle visit that could well afford them a hale and hearty life ahead.