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Intimacy is one of the most important factors of a happy relationship and marriage. People who share a bond or relationship that gives the feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction are the ones who are content in life.

One among many physical factors that makes a lot of difference, is sex. Couples bond over this form of intimacy, and a repeatedly unsatisfying experience can result in the relationship going downhill.

One reason for an unsatisfying experience could be Arousal Disorder in women, which is defined by lack of lubrication for penetration. There can be two kinds of arousal disorders, subjective sexual arousal disorder and genital sexual arousal disorder, or a combination of both.

In the first kind, subjective arousal disorder, your body responds to the stimulation physically, but you have diminished feelings of excitement for the activity.

While in the second kind, genital sexual arousal disorder, you might be aroused by visuals or feelings, but actual genital stimulation does not create the physical responses of lubrication, swelling of clitoris, etc that should be aroused due to stimulation, and leads to painful and stressful experiences.

And the combination of both the kinds of disorders result in no sexual feelings at all, not by visuals or thoughts and not by stimulation either.

The general causes of the disorder are similar to the rest of the disorders; psychological disorders and antidepressant drugs are the leading causes of the disorder. What also leads to the condition is a stressed relationship.

The causes for genital sexual arousal disorder can be,

  • A low level of estrogen
  • Thinning and drying of tissues in the vagina
  • Infection of the vagina or the bladder
  • Disorders that cause changes in the skin around the opening of the vagina
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes and multiple sclerosis that damage nerves leading to decreased sensation in the genital area.

The condition can be controlled if the causes are treated, for which it is important understand the underlying cause of the disorder, be a medical condition or interpersonal differences.

The treatments can vary from counseling or therapy to medication. It is advisable to see a professional sexologist in order to catch the condition and treat it before it does more damage to your relationship.

Dr Srinivas Madhavaram is one of the leading sexologists in Hyderabad who is known to identify disorders accurately and begin treatment in time, given that you consult him in time.

He is one of the gentlest of doctors who understands the sensitivity of the conditions and its impacts and deals with his patients accordingly. He ensures confidentiality of the disorder to ease out the stress of stigma.

You can book an appointment or visit him at his sexual health clinic.